Modern Office with loft style windows and glass partitions


Forster's flush doors showcase a modern design, characterized by a slim and compact steel frame surrounding a generous glass area. This design not only guarantees exceptional transparency but also provides a secure and fire-resistant solution.

Forster's popular doors are designed to bring in plenty of natural light with a large glass area and a sleek steel frame that provides reliable security and fire protection.

In addition to fire doors and glazed fire screens, the system encompasses various tested configurations, including fire protection sliding doors—available with or without an escape route function—doors featuring finger guards, and flush reverse sheet metal frame doors. This extensive array of applications offers a considerable level of design flexibility.

The system stands out for its slender profile face widths, delicate aesthetic, and improved transparency. The slim framework enhances visibility, enabling more natural light without compromising safety and security.

Office entrance to the lobby

Fuego Light

  • Max Door height: 2300mm
  • Fire resistance: EI30s EI60s
  • Glazing up to 56mm
  • Available finish: RAL (Powder coated),Stainless steel
  • Burglar resistance: RC2, RC3
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Unico XS

  • Max Door height: 2440mm
  • Fire resistance: NA
  • Glazing up to 60mm
  • Available finish:RAL (Powder coated)
  • Burglar resistance: RC1, RC2
  • Best u-value
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Loft style living room with crittall style glazing