EI30, EI60, EI90

Robust and resistant to mechanical damage, steel has the highest modulus of elasticity of the materials most widely used in the construction sector at around 210 kN/mm2. Steel is the front runner in matters of statics as well as service life, yet it can be perfectly shaped and bent. With strikingly slender pro. le face widths, steel is able to bear enormous loads. Thanks to its load-bearing capacity, large spans can be bridged, which enables more open areas in the building, for example, and thus permits more creative solutions.

Whether for renovations, luxury homes, industrial buildings or buildings highly frequented by the public – Jansen profile systems fully exploit the numerous benefits of steel in structural dimensioning, fire-protection applications, burglar and bullet-resistant constructions or sound reduction.

Prefabrication in the workshop removes the need for time-consuming steps when installing our systems on-site.

In addition, profile systems from Jansen can be easily combined with other materials and, thanks to their modular construction, can also be used flexibly for structural adaptations at short notice.

Source: JANSEN Products Catalogue

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